This Pair NAILS Their Father-Daughter Dance!

father daughter wedding dance
Megan Southwick and Patrick Hodgson show us how it's done.

Can we ALL have this dance?!

Let’s face it, we’ve all been to weddings and we’ve all seen this attempted at different levels of success. Father-daughter dances are beautiful regardless of the outcome, it’s a special moment in front of friends and family and we shouldn’t judge them… but boy we still do!

We can show you example after example after example of cringe-worthy moments, but here’s one that sets the bar for the rest. Patrick Hodgson, proud dad, and Megan Southwick, the bride, take us on an epic journey of dancing that covers the decades of their lives. Starting with the wild ’60s, when Patrick was born, all the way up to modern day dance crazes into 2020.

Look, lets admit that you can’t half-a$$ this sort of thing. If your daughter is getting married, and you’re planning a little something special for the dance, there’s only one way to approach it…

Barack Obama practice

What did you think? Did they nail it? If you have a great father-daughter dance that we could share, drop us a line at: The Dads!

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